H.V. Purvis has had his short stories published in science fiction magazines.  Below is a small sample of short stories, which are available for your enjoyment.  Simply click on a link to read each story.


The Street

[Note: Contains strong language]

Vandross crouched on the fifth story ledge watching the life of the city below.

He sat back on his heels, resembling a huge black bird or one of the many concrete gargoyles that grace the ledges and cornices of older buildings. The split tail of his turn-of-the-century black greatcoat lay piled behind the stacked heels of his roll-toed black riding boots. His wavy brown hair spilled over his shoulders from under the brim of his top hat. [Read More]


I pin this story as much to analyze and understand it better as to share it. My life has been one filled with strange events and happenings, or at least other people call them strange. I always think of them as ordinary everyday occurrences. Knowing some things before they happen, reaching for the phone before it rings, being outside and telling someone I have to go inside because I am about to get a phone call that I need to answer, aren’t strange to me. These things have happened regularly throughout my life, although there are times when they happened more frequently than at others. [Read More]

The Shadows Sometimes Move

The cold of the night would soon arrive. Dillon raised his collar to keep some of the chilling breeze from hitting his neck. His breath was visible in the chill. For two hours he had stood waiting for the young thug to make his normal nocturnal appearance. Why was he late? [Read More]