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Dateline: Washington, DC. The White House

Earlier today, the President signed an Executive Order quarantining all areas of the United States.

The White House acted in response to a petition from the Center for Disease Control to isolate the country based on alarming reports concerning a mysterious viral infection that has already reached pandemic proportions in Europe and the Middle East.

Beginning at 12:00 midnight tonight, martial law is in effect in all metropolitan areas. I repeat. Beginning at 12:00 midnight tonight, martial law is in effect in all metropolitan areas. National Guard forces are armed and ordered to shoot to kill. Let me make this perfectly clear. National Guard forces are armed and will shoot to kill. All non-military air traffic is grounded. All private businesses, government agencies, and schools will close until further notice. Residents are to remain in their homes until further notice.

Do not leave your current location. Do not allow anyone not a resident in your home to have access to your home. Public utilities will continue to function as long as possible, but repair crews will not respond to service calls. This quarantine is in effect until further notice.


A New Orleans hospital

Three days after the quarantine, catastrophe struck. Masses showed up unable to speak, including hospital personnel. The remaining staff admitted the infected and secured them in restraints in case they became violent. In one day, the hospital ran out of room and the remaining staff locked the doors. Security and the National Guard prevented any more people from entering.

Mid-morning, the Guard received orders to disperse the crowds with orders to shoot to kill. The idea was unthinkable. Shoot to kill. These were American citizens, and all they wanted was medical help, but there was nothing the hospital could do.

The mob grudgingly dispersed and collected in an open lot a few blocks from the ER entrance. There were no swarms of violence as the news reports showed from the Middle East. Just desperate people looking for help.

Throughout the day, the mob grew. Sporadic violence broke out, but quickly ended. The day progressed with little change. No one spoke. The individuals in the mob looked more disheveled. Everyone assumed it resulted from standing in warm sunlight. Some members of the mob wandered around the park, nibbling berries and the buds on the shrubs.

Everything was peaceful until a woman wearing little more than a wide belt and bra wandered toward the hospital. One of her platform boots was missing, which made her walk awkwardly. She stopped and stared at the building. Studied it, intently. A guardsman stepped forward to “shoo” her away.

The woman saw his face inside the helmet. Her mouth opened, and she uttered a horrible, shrill scream. The scream sounded like “die” drawn out into a high piercing shriek.

When the woman screamed, the entire mob screamed. Bedlam broke out. Seconds later, the mob charged up the street and across the hospital grounds. Hundreds, maybe even thousands of screaming people came from all directions, a veritable flood of bodies.

Better than a dozen M16s opened fire. Bullets ripped through their targets. Blood splattered. Those at the front of the mob fell by the score. They continued their charge, leaping, climbing, falling over the bodies. Many of the wounded rose again, blood gushing, clothing soaked in red gore. They resumed their charge.