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Imagine a future where your family and friends become infected with a virus that makes them stronger and more agile. But they grow fur and claws. They lose the ability to reason or speak. In the end they become murderously violent toward anyone not infected. Imagine their rage being so consuming that only death can stop them; their death or yours. This is the world in which the Roberts family find themselves. What must they do to survive? Are there other survivors out there?

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Extinction is available for purchase in paperbackon Kindle and other ebook formats.


Deadly Secrets: A John Thomas Mystery Coming in the summer of 2017

Returning to his home town for his best friend’s funeral is the last thing former FBI field agent John Thomas wants to do. Not only was his best friend murdered, but the town itself holds dark terrors that John has spent years trying to avoid. Summoning all of his inner strength, John arrives in town to pay his respects, not knowing he will be drawn into the intrigue and implications surrounding the murder investigation. Family, old friends and acquaintances complicate the situation even further. Who is involved in the murder plot? Who can John trust? The answers are not as simple as they seem.


Dark Justice Coming in the summer of 2017

Shadow Knight: Dark Justice is set in Texas and Mexico of the mid 1870’s. A cutthroat band of outlaws kidnaps Sheriff Zeb Watson’s beautiful sixteen-year-old daughter, Emily. He discovers that she is but one of the young women the outlaws are gathering to auction in Mexico. Once the outlaws cross the Rio Grande, there is nothing the authorities can do to get the women back. Zeb enlists the aid of his brother — a man with a dark and deadly past. Can the bad blood between them be set aside to rescue the captives in time?